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As I recall, there was a thread some months ago about the Joachim edited version of the Brahms violin concerto and whether it was available. Its availability is of some importance because there is no urtext and Joachim played a major role in writing the piece. Shar seems to have it; however, it is not listed on their website. You have to call the customer service number to get it.

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Joachim published his edition of the solo violin part, complete with an extended interpretative preface, in the third volume of the Joachim-Moser Violinschule (1902-1905; English translation by Moffat, London, 1905). One might logically presume that the work is available in reprint, but I have found no such indication. Neither does there seem to be a reprint of the first edition of the full score by Simrock in 1888, which would reflect Joachim’s monumental contribution toward shaping its final form. These two publications strangely seem to remain elusive antiquary prey; though I suspect a query to the American Brahms Society would likely meet with proper disproof (not to mention disapproval) of my superficial scholarship. You might try them.

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Hi All,

I have played a few of Mozart violin concertos I liked them a lot but I have

never played any Brahms'. Do you think I can play one to start (to get a taste of Brahms? Is it in the same level ?(i.e. requiring similar ability)? Which one I should try ? Thank you in advanced.

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