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Anyone heard of any Intermediate-level Instructional DVDs for things such as Pisition Studies, Sliding and Vibrato?

I have some books but I need some video material to instruct me on the posture and technique used in executing position changes, sliding and vibrato.

Thanks! Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Have you tried to look them up in Connie violin page (a web site)

where quite a list of violin videos and DVD titles is provided.

Many violinists are concerned with (right hand) bowing techniques but you are more concerned with left hand.

Any reason? Just curious.

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Thanks. I do have a DVD that teaches bowing as well. If you know of an intermediate to advanced level bowing DVD, please let me know. I will check out that Connie website as well.

SO that's why I am more concerned about left hand. I have had lessons in bowing and first position fingering and have acquired some degree of dexterity in these areas. but none as far as shifting positions and vibrato.

Any suggestions?

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I suggest that you find a teacher if you do not have one. Instructional videos are fine, but you can develop bad habits that are difficult to break if you try to teach yourself. A teacher can both provide guidance on how to do the specific activity and ensure that you do not pick up bad habits.

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