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Williams violins from China?


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Definately an aquired taste! and dont know if its something i want to work on aquiring, a taste for faked-dirt-in-the-grain-lines...

Hmmm... i just wish that it wasnt so desirable to fake age, because im sure this quite nice, new, cheapish, violin would be better for not having done this

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Nicole, that doesn't look as bad as I imagined when you mentioned the ugly striping. I had two really unnatural looking ones (both from the same factory) that had a wider difference between the lighter and darker and the lighter shades seemed to go closer to or into in the grain lines. I can't remember exactly where the light-dark variations occurred, but I do recall butt-ugly very clearly.

Those violins looked better or worse depending on the kind of light they were viewed under. The way light diffuses or refracts through varnish affects what you see. This is probably why your violin looks prettier in the pictures than in real life. The exaggerated grain lines may have been intentional to add some character, but the guy probably let the top absorb or retain too much stain, which became more concentrated in the lines, resulting in the artificial look that's putting you off. There is further problem with shooting for an antique look under a thick, glossy finish. That makes the overall picture entirely incongruent, which only enhances the artificial look.

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The way it's usually done is to do the colored varnish, then put a dark layer over and wipe or sand it off. except in the low spots, and then finally put a clear layer over the whole thing. It you look really carefully, you should see that the black is over the color. At least that's the only thing I've ever seen.

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Yes, that looks like how it was done, and looking very closely gives the impression that the grain lines are sort of strangely indented.

It does seem to show that the darker coat is a top coat, especially where the darker layer is still more left on around the f holes, but the very edge of the f holes has had the darker colour whiped/sanded off.

and whiped all colour off the outline/or never put there to begin with? leaving a naked outline with the dark coat still hanging round the purfling line.

i can just imagine what the poor thing would have looked like in the middle of this process, covered all over with the awful dark dark coat

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