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My Son Wants To Quit...what do we do?


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encourage him with metal guitar! I've always said that heavy metal is the next logical step in the evolution of what we call classical music. Metal is my passion.

What kind of metal is he into? Get him into Scandinavian death metal and symphonic black metal... that's where the classical background is most obvious.


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" but- You absolutely should! He is not the first pre-teen/teen to drop violin/viola/cello for something more popular and a lot easier to play. It's up to you to bring into the situation, your understanding and appreciatiion of the higher art forms instead of settling for something that's fun and more appealing for now. Same goes for math, which in a lot of cases is not fun at all. Which kid today will pick violin over electric guitar?(I know your's has been playing for a few years now). Unless ......"

I am very glad someone has said that.

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