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Violin Trade Names

Brad Dorsey

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  • 4 weeks later...

I have a fiddle w/ this label: Oskar Hermann Seidel / Copie Stradivarius. Nice looking violin -- maybe Markneukirchen work from the 30s, selling for about $50 at that time, or maybe later. But I can't find anything in the books on that maker. A made-up name? Anybody have any idea what shop these would have come from? How about Karl Hermann?

BTW, this is a very useful thread. Hope it keeps going.

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Lastname Firstname

Alexendra (tradename) -

Amatius (tradename) -

Anton Kessel (tradename) -

Ardeton (tradename) -

Barard (tradename) L.

Barnabetti (tradename) Geronimo

Barrell (Tradename) -

Bazar (Tradename) -

Bijou Vstad (tradename) -

Bourdet (tradename) Antoine (Antoni)

Buthod (Tradename) Charles

Carrodus (tradename) -

Ceruti (tradename) Giovanni Maria

Chappine (Trade Name) -

Circeron, Le (tradename) -

Compagnon (Tradename) -

Cremonatone (tradename) -

Cremonese (tradename) -

Curatoli (tradename) Antonio

Dass (tradename) -

Denizot (tradename) -

Dracontius (tradename) -

Duchene (Tradename) Nicolas

Dulcis et Fortis (tradename) -

Durenzy (tradename) Adolf

El Maestro (Tradename) -

Epoch (tradename) -

Excelsior (Tradename) -

Farni (tradename)(Farny) Henri

Fiorini (tradename) Paolo

Florentina (tradename) -

Fourier-Magne (tradename) -

Franck-Reiner (tradename) -

Fredeking Banks (tradename) -

Garini (tradename) Michelangelo (Michele-Ange)

Garnier (tradename) L.

Gibson Inc. (tradename) -

Glasser (tradename) -

Golden Tone (tradename) -

Goulding (tradename) -

Grandini (tradename) Geronimo

Grandini (Tradename) Ecole

Harmonik (tradename) -

Heralto (tradename) -

Hidalgo (tradename) -

Hildago (Tradename) -

Hofer-geigen (tradename) -

Huril (Tradename) Jacob

J. T. L. (Tradename) -

Joachim (tradename) -

Konzert-Geigen (tradename) -

L'aine (tradename) Didier Nicolas

Lamberti (tradename) Carlo

Le Celebre (Tradename) -

Le Lorrain (Tradename) -

Le Parisien (tradename) -

Leclerc (tradename) Jacques

Leroy (tradename) C.

Loveri (tradename) Antonio

Lupot (tradename) -

Mansuy (Mansue) (tradename) Pierre

Marcus (tradename) M.

Marquis de l'air (tradename) -

Medio Fino (Tradename) -

Micelli (tradename) Carlo

Milano (tradename) -

Morelli (tradename) Andreas

Neu-Cremona (tradename) -

Paganini (tradename) -

Paganini (tradename-bows) -

Paroche (tradename) Leon

Penzl (tradename?) Ignaz (Ignazio)

Petri (tradename) -

Pique de Paris (tradename) -

Primerius (tradename) Carl Ferdinand

Professor (tradename) -

Raggetti (tradename) -

Revalo (tradename) (see Ohlhaver) -

Robella (tradename) Enrico

Ruggerio (tradename) -

Ruggierlli (tradename) -

Sampo (tradename) -

Sarasate (tradename) -

Schlosser (tradename) Hermann

Schonewald (tradename) -

Sofia (tradename) -

Stentnor (tradename) -

Stentor (Tradename) -

Stradella (tradename) -

Tartini (tradename) -

Techler (tradename) -

Tim-Geigen (tradename) -

Timtone (tradename) -

True-Tone (trademark) -

Ulbrich-Tatter (tradename) -

Vareni (tradename) Pietro

Victoire (Tradename) -

Victor (tradename) The

Virtuose (tradename) -

Vorgian (tradename) -

Vosgien (tradename) -

Walliostro (tradename) -

Warszowa Rok (tradename) -

Washburn (tradename) George

Wonder Violin (tradename) -

Wunderlich (tradename) C. A.

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