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Stradivarius coming to town?

Todd French

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Have any of you received notice of some person coming to a Washington suburb claiming to be a great, great, great, great...grandson of Stradivari and selling violins supposedly made by him or someone in the family (currently, somehow)? $7000-$8000 for these Strads.

Saw this thread - Strad coming to town? and see that someone is falling for it. Anyone have more information about this? Anyone in the Washington area receive this invite? Sounds like some of the tricks the dealer with the last name Voirin used to pull in Las Vegas.

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I'm trying to get more info from the person who posted it, but this is a new one to me. I wonder if part of the confusion in this event is the 'English as a 2nd language' barrier, but it sounds like a huge marketing tactic. Buying Chinese instruments, saying you are the grandson 5 generations removed from Antonio himself, telling everyone you only make 10 a year and they will double in value right away, and having it at a hotel or something sounds like a large scale Ukelin sales event.

Interesting...hope someone else here got this - I couldn't find anything in the Google News search about it.

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I'm not sure the Admin in that thread is quite correct (about there being no descendants). I recall a 1980s interview with a lawyer named Stradivarto, a descendant of the Stradivari family member who supposedly copied the varnish formula from the family Bible in the 19th century. He stated pretty clearly that to his knowledge the family possesses no secrets or formulas--if indeed they ever did. The "1704" formula story seems to begin and end in smoke.

Unromantic, perhaps, but with a ring of truth.

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I reckon this is a case for `Antonia Stradivari` who is currently taking libel suits out against the use of the Stradivari name to sell anything from Icecream to chewing gum.(or should i say parma ham and dog breeding)She is one of Antonio`s descendants currently living in Italy.

Heres the pic of a recent Strad article concerning the subject. stradivarinamemisuse.jpg

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