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self-adjust bridge foot


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Hi michael,

In response to what you wrote:


I notice you're redefining an awful lot of standards and criteria to fit your model

perhaps it may appear that way but I think it's actually the other way around. I'm always hopeful that when people see some of my ideas and read these discussions that it will cause them to build on some of the ideas and think about things that they might not otherwise give even a second thought to. That's often the way that even more new and better ideas are created.


Have you considered that there might be things about the traditional bridge that you don't understand?

I think I have a very good feel for the workings of the conventional style bridge. I wonder if that question sprung from my last message concerning the ankle. I wonder if sometimes you make assumptions and then interpret something a particular way to fit those assumptions?

I enjoyed discussing these issues, but won't be responding anymore to this particular thread. Thanks to everyone for the discussion.


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