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Was this a waste of 250.00?


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It is fine for $250.

wITH A GOOD SET UP you may even like it better.

It looks slim in picture and of high ached.

My guess the tone will be a little on the nasal side. Many people

like that kind of tone, I am one among them. (all speculation,of course)

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Hopefully it sounds good to you. If not, then a good setup and quality strings from a reputable luthier in your area should bring it up to its full capability. If you end up with good student quality instrument and only up-to another $100's or so for setup/strings, you did great.

It is always a risk unless there is a good return policy.


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Looks quite a lot like my Hellmer, similar proportions and arching. If it is graduated well, it could sound real nice. You might want to try Obligatos on it, they bring out the complexitites on mine nicely.


I just checked my appraisal doc and my Hellmer measures:

Back: 359mm

UB: 159mm

CB: 109mm

LB: 196mm

It's tone tends to bright which is why I switched to Obligatos from Dominants.

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I am glad that you did not buy this violin based on the label. I have seen some similar looking violins with "Tyrolean" or "Klotz family" labels and all the sudden the price goes up in the range of thousands of dollars.

You cannot go wrong with $250 for this violin. you have bought this violin from the right region. For the Czech economy, $250 worth a lots of money. It would take an average Czech worker a couple months to earn $250.

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