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The other day when the strings of a previously assumed "sound" violin were being tightened and tuned after a long period of dis-use, the upper back was separated from the sides at the button/neck & for about 3 inches on each side. With the pressure now off the strings, the fingerboard is now resting on the top, and a lot of pressure seems to be required to push the back into place- also, it appears that the back is not sufficiently long that the button will cover the neck part- looks to be about 2 mm short. Does it sound like re-gluing the back is going to fix this, or do I have a larger problem? I intend to have whatever repairs are necessary done by a luthier, but wonder what I might be expecting. Any insights are appreciated. Thanks, Ron.

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Yes, it seems as though the neck may be pulled "up", because nothing is preventing the ribs at that point from twisting. It really takes a LOT of pressure to pull the back up where it needs to be- I guess the neck will be pulled back down when it is re-glued? Ron.

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