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the new vision strings


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Has anyone purchased and placed on their violins the new Vision strings, especially the titanium strings, and how do you like them? I have one violin that I have not found a string I like and I'm willing to try something new if there is any positive feedback on this string...Dr.R.

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I have tried the new Vision and Vision Ti strings. As a result I now have 4 instruments strung with them: 2 with the Vision and 2 with the Vision Ti.

My initial impressions were very favorable -as the results might lead you to believe. Now, I'm not quite as sure about two of the instruments - I will have to wait until "autumn" rehearsals start next month and assess them in context.

What I found, and strung the instruments accordingly was that on two of the instruments I tried, the Visions were not as favorable as the Obligato-thin gauge I had on them - as the best I'd previously tried. On two of the violins the Vision Ti seemed better at first than anything I've ever had on them - and better than the standard Visions - on the other two violins the standard Visions were better.

I cannot give you a quantitative assessment based on the past history of these violins and their stringing because the experience with the Vision strings seems to run a bit counter to my past experience with these instruments (which goes back anywhere from 1 - 10 - 30 -50 years, depending on the fiddle.

The strings do have "edge" and I expect they project well, and they are good under the ear too.

My basic test comes in "autumn" reheasals when someone says "Wow! did you get another new violin?" And I reply, "It must be these new strings!" It won't be the first time.


It might be esie

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The Titanium version of the Thomastik Vision Strings has made a very noticable difference on my daughters performance violin. We tried several strings before she decided that Thomastik Dominants sounded the best on her instrument initially, which she has played on for quite some time but hearing the Titanium strings on the violin, especially the E string, all I can say is WOW.

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I just installed the Vision Titaniums on a quality J. Guarnerius copy and they have a wonderful sound with very good projection. On this violin, I previously had Tonicas which I liked very much but the Vision's are really nice. They also seem to hold their tune very well right out of the package.

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