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Hello, I would like to create a resume for my musical activities. I haven't had any training in school, just lessons. Should I include my piano activities as well as violin? Is the format the same as a regular resume? Should I list all the shows and pieces that I've played with the chamber orchestra? Do I need to list every activity, such as playing in weddings? Are there any samples online that I can view? I guess my main goal is to have a resume so that I can keep track of my "career" and to be able to produce a resume if in the future I ever needed one

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If you are competent with Access or Excel, you could set up a database to keep a listing of everything you do. From there, only include the important stuff. If you have done several recitals, for example, don't list them singly, do a broad heading titled "Recitals", then list the dates and repertoire. Same thing if you do musicals. Weddings, church and other incidental performances can go under their own heading.

Include all instruments you play as well as any ensembles you play with.

BTW - why no training in school? Mark O'Connor's school didn't have strings, but I believe he found ensembles to play with. I have several former students who transferred to schools without a string program and found their own niche.

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Here's a common professional format. These tend to be fairly abbreviated. You can have more fun with a bio in terms of highlighting your strong points. For example, I don't think I've ever seen repertoire or recitals included in a resume, although it's not unusual to mention recital experience in a bio.


Education: Major teachers, dates of study, schools, degrees (if applicable), prominent coaches or master classes played.

Solo experience: Orchestras, dates, venues, conductors worked with as a soloist.

Orchestral experience: Orchestras, positions held, dates, conductors worked with as an orchestral musician. Players just starting out sometimes include if they've been a finalist at an orchestral audition, particularly for a major orchestra.

Chamber music experience: Ensembles/quartets and dates you performed with them (i.e., 1999-present), chamber music festivals, artist-in-residence positions, etc.

Awards: Competition wins, scholarships, etc.

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Use Erika's suggested format. Do NOT list every gig. Only list individual shows if it's a long term type of engagement such as one would have in a pit orchestra of a broadway show. List these type of engagements in more general terms. If you list something like this - "played in quartet for the Schwartz wedding at such and such temple", it will sound like are scraping to fill your resume. It woudl be better to say, "played over # weddings with such and such String Quartet (or various quartets) throuhgout the metropolitan area". For experience in pit orchestras say something like, "played in pit orchestra for various musicals such as ...., or pit orchestra for various operas inluding ...". If you did only one, it wouldn't be considered as strong experience and it probably shouldn't be listed.

Good Luck

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Hey everyone, great ideas. I'm going to start my spreadsheet soon. I think I'll log everything then I can pick and choose what/how to summarize in a resume. Only problem is, for some things I'll have to do research to find out when I did what. BTW I never went to school for music because I started getting serious only recently as an adult.

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