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Most beautiful music - that makes you cry


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For me, great performances will make me cry, not the music themselves, combined with particular moods I happen to be in.

I'm with Toscha. I've found that some pieces I had a great affinity to would sound mundane in ordinary interpretations. I don't think there is a version of Shostakovitch's violin concerto #1 (cadenza) that can have the same effect that Oistrakh's interpretation has on me.

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classical music doens't make me cry... well I take that back. I remember one of the nights after 9/11/01, some opera singer was singing the American national anthem and missed the last note... she went down instead of up... which in itself is ok, but she was very sharp and the TV was up pretty loud it made my eyes water from pain... so not really crying... god it was hideous... Rossanne did a better job with it.

But songs that make me cry...

"Sweet Child 'o Mine" by Guns n' Roses, "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica and "My Wine in Silence" by My Dying Bride.


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Hmmm... there really aren't any pieces that make me cry, but I find Barber's Adagio very moving,and also When Summer's In The Meadow (aka Danny Boy). Oh, and on a completely different technical level there is Nocturne by William Hofeldt... but that's a high school level piece, so I don't expect many people to know that one:) It has VERY strong and deeply-seeded sentimental value.

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jaf67 wrote:

>> The 1993 live recording of Mendelssohn violin concerto in E minor, OP64 with the Chicago SO (Daniel Barenbom), Perlman, violin and Yo Yo Ma cello. I would have loved to have been there.

Question? What was Yo-Yo Ma doing? There's no solo cello part in the concerto?...playing in the cello section? ?? or maybe there were other pieces in the CD??

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anything by Vivaldi

Bach d min Chaconne

Brahms Requiem, 2nd violin part, Fugue

Magic Flute, 1st violin part

Boheme, 1st vl part

Piano and violin parts to Mozart violin sonatas

Boccherini quaterts (w/ 2 vc)

all the classical and romantic quartets, esp. Mozart

Mozart clarinet quintet

Bartok violin concerto

Piano: Mikrokosmos and Beethoven

In general, Baroque chamber music, esp. Brandenberg concerti, and

classical symphonic repertoire (including Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms,

Mendellsohn symphonies - 1st vl parts)

On the other, older, thread someone mentioned Nimrod (Elgar Enigma Variations), and how moved they are by it. Me, too (along with Barber, of course--everyone loves that). Ben Zander always closes his concerts with Nimrod and he did so right after the explosion of the space shuttle where the teacher was killed. I was playing in the orchestra at the time, and it was all I could do to keep from crying, on stage. It was really a struggle *not* to cry, in other words.

Regarding crying, I find that other musicians can misinterpret crying, especially during practicing or prior to a service (a rehearsal or a performance); they are apt to think that one is upset because one is frustrated by the part, rather than some other reason, and I've learned from experience, not to let anyone see me cry. I wait until later! :'(


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