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Joachim Concerto, op. 11


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I have been listening to this work at least once a week for the past six months, and it just keeps growing on me. (I have the Oliveira/London Phiharmonic CD, 1991). I simply cannot understand why it isn't more highly praised. It is ravishing. Perhaps it just takes a violinist to appreciate its depth and artistry. Did past greats record this? Any favorites through the years??

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Both Aaron Rosand and Rachel Barton have recordings of the Joachim concerto; they're both excellent. Barton's is paired with the Brahms concerto; while Rosand's has a number of other Romantic violin works that are not heard enough, either.

This concerto is one of my favorites; for me, it has the feel of some of the best concertos. Pity it's not better known.

The sheet music for the concerto seems to be available, but pricey.


Larry Samuels

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