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anomalous Associat ed Board marks


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I've taken a lot of these exams, in both violin and piano, and in general they seemed to be fair. You have to remember that the examiner does not necessarily play your instrument, and some are much more sympathetic than others. How well you play and how well you do on the exam is probably a matter of comparison as well. If everyone else who plays before you is a little genius, you might not look as good as you would normally do!

If you're really unhappy with the mark, you can always reprepare for it and take the exam again, right? If it's not grade 8, then you draw a modest veil and prepare more vigorously the next time.

Hope this helps,


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with one exception, I did all my ABs (viola, violin, piano) over 30 years ago & thought my marks were about right. About 10 years ago I decided to do Grade 8 violin. I thought the overall mark was a litle harsh, but some of the comments were bizarre. For example,when I finished the sight-reading I thought "well I didn't play any wrong notes but it was very boring", yet the examiner's comment was that it was "inaccurate but very musical". Hmmm

I don't know what redress you've got if you violently disagree with a mark. I'd be more inclined to goalong with Carlo's suggestions

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