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"Roger Hargrave offered a really sensible description for how all of the pieces of this puzzle could fit.."

Is this the same, or similar to the description he gave in the Biddulph book, and which Benjamin Ruth updated (because Hargraves description produces a barock neck) in a Strad article about 2 years ago?



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Xania, I have not built a 3 piece mold and plan to keep using a one piece until I've mastered it. That said, I think it would be fairly easy to have a central section 3cm wide running the length of the mould. Thin horizontal stringers could be attached to the three sections to complete the mould. After the garland is glued to the back the central section is removed, blocks reduced, and the rest of the mould removed.

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I've used both one piece and 4 pc. molds. Used both types in school. When I worked with David Burgess, we used a one piece form. Later, I settled on the used of collapsible forms. They're easy to make and easy to remove when both sets of linings are installed. I don’t enjoy twisting the ribs to get the one piece form out with the linings installed... and I like the control of having the ribs glued to the back before removing the form. Haven’t tried an outside mold.

In my opinion, as long as the workmanship is up to par, either method should work well. Installing the upper set of linings after the back is on does require a little more "futzing", but shouldn't dent your day all that much.

After you're finished with your initial "learning curve” with the method you’re being taught, I'm sure you'll end up trying and then settling on methods that make sense to you. Nice to have choices.

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