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Sealing the mold


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Hi RC,

Some people use varnish to seal the mold. Then it looks nice, too! I just used a wax crayon, I coloured around the edges, except the blocks. I had no problems with the ribs sticking to the mold, they came off easily. I made one mold out of plywood, then another from regular pine wood plank. I prefer the wood plank, it's easier to modify, drill new holes, etc. - Cam

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As mentioned, you can seal the mold with varnish (applying an additional coat to the non-block contacting edges). You can also size the surfaces where the blocks will go with thinned glue. Also apply a wax to the mold near to where glue joints will be (for glue run-over etc.).

Note that I also am a novice so better ways of doing this may be presented here!

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I sealed my Milanollo mould with polyurethane. I made it from cherry wood, so with the polyurethane it looks very nice. As for the finish, I polyurethaned the parts where the blocks go too and I actually had four of my blocks pop off and need regluing while I was working them. I'd say with polyurethane it's probably not that big a deal if some glue gets on the mould while doing the ribs. Still, something to avoid if you can.

That being said, I rubbed a bar of soap around the perimeter of the mould after the blocks were on, keeping it off the blocks of course.

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