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Intelli Multi-Function Metronome/Tuner

Yankee Fiddler

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Has anyone tried one of these (MT400)? I currently have a Seiko Quartz Metronome (SQ44). The Seiko is nice and loud, but I would like to be able to sometimes break the beat down into triplets or quadruplets, etc. From what I read, the Intelli would do this. I'm wondering how loud it is, too. Shar has them listed for $49.99.

Yankee Fiddler

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I've had one since September. I'm not sitting in front of it at the moment and haven't used it for triplet or other fancy beats, but I think it does that. I bought it because 1) it is indeed loud, certainly loud enough that it worked nicely when I was playing in a piano trio (and the volume is adjustable, and you can choose between two different tones), and 2) it has a chromatic tone generator where you can have it play continuously; I guess people use this to tune to specific pitches but my daughter's teacher has her use it as a drone to help her hear the fundamental pitch in her scales or tricky sections of her pieces. I tried it myself and it really does help! It also has an automatic chromatic tuner function (lights up to tell you when you are playing in tune).

The only problem I've had with it is that sometimes my daughter or I forget to turn it off when it is in tuning mode and it runs the battery down because it is constantly picking up all the noise in the room.

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I have one that I use constantly for myself and my students.

The good points:

1. It does everything it is advertised to do. It is especially great when I am trying to get my students to play triplets evenly as they can just play along with the ticking.

2. The volume adjustment is great, too. Sometimes I plug in headphones, put a heavy mute on my violin and work on technical etudes.

The bad points:

1. Don't rely on the hygrometer. Mine shows a constant of 29%. Even in the bathroom after a hot shower!

2. Make sure that, when tuning, you have the pitch set to the correct frequency. Sometimes the dial gets bumped.

3. Invest in LOTS of 9 volt batteries. The thing eats them like candy. I have to replace mine about every 12-17 days depending on how much I use it. Even at rest, it sucks them down in about 4 weeks!

I have talked with the people at Shar and they say the Intelli is working on refining the unit and working out a lot of the bugs. Even with the bugs, I wouldn't trade it for any other product.

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