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Favorite Concerto???


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I don't know if this topic has been discussed already (probably has) but I thought since its constantly changing for me I figured it could be new.

So whats your favorite concerto? Doesn't have to be violin.

Mine is a tie between the Tchaikovsky Violin and the Walton Viola . I've got a recording of Heifetz playing the Tchaik and its really great, but I'm waiting for my cd of Vengerov playing it to come in the mail (along with his Walton cd too). Can't wait for that.

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So whats your favorite concerto? Doesn't have to be violin.

That will make the problem 10 times harder for me, so I will stick with violin! This list is purely arbitrary, though (they vary tremendously depending on my particular mood).

Bach No.2

Mozart No.5 and 7





Paganini No.4

Viotti No.22


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I think Mendelsons e-minor concerto is under estimated because it is so common. But in truth, that does not make it any less of a great piece of genius which I believe it is, and maybe the greatest of all.

I've got tired of it no less than other people have, but when I listen properly, I still find it great. I try not to listen to it too often now, so I can keep my enthusiasm in it for when I do. And I'm also learning it now. Since I was a young child I played around with it non-stop, but now that I'm doing it more seriously, it's interesting again. Same with the Bruch [which I'm learning at the same time, as I wrote about in another thread].

Beethovens violin concerto, MIGHT still be a favorite, but I'm a bit desensitized, admittedly, as I have now learned it and am a bit tired. But if it is played very well, it might be a favorite for ANYone.

Paganini, let's vote for number 5 (but only if it's a recording that does not cut out the arpeggiated solo violinists accompaniment of the orchedstra in the last movement).


No doubt some of Mozarts piano concertos.

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Toscha how can you say Mozarts violin concerto's 5 and 7? Did he write more than five? If so, how can I get hold of number 7?

Chris L is right about the doublefulness of origin for Nos.6 and 7, but since nobody has really pinpointed who the "ghostwriter" is, I still prefer to refer them as Mozart concerti.

No.7 sounds fairly convincing as Mozart composition, except for some occasional use of extreme high register and 10ths. Some of the writing reminds me of No.2, but technically far more elaborate. No.6, on the other hand, sounds to me more like a Viotti (or his school of concerti) concerto. Suk and Menuhin recorded both No.6 and 7, Szeryng, Grumiaux, Lin, D. Oistrakh recorded the No.7. By the way, "Adelaide" concerto (now we know that it is written by Marius Casadesus), is also very nice and good "imitation" of Mozart concerto.

Since many of the posters posted piano and other concerti, I will mention a few.


Mozart Nos. 19, 20, 23, 27

Beethoven No.1 and 4

Chopin No.2


Brahms No.1

Bortkiewicz No.1


Haydn (both concerti)


Saint-Saens No.1


I also like the Beethoven Triple, Mozart Sinfonia Concertante and Brahms Double.


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