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To me, breaking strings is the most annoying part of playing the violin........sometimes I really get into one of my fast insane songs, and SNAP! there goes a string......maybe its me...or maybe I'm just getting cheep strings..or both....is there a durable brand of Violin strings?....and by the way...how often do you guys break strings?

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Well, good strings shouldn't break so easily, unless...:

- the metal fret of your tailpiece is cutting the strings,

- you are tuning your violin too high,

- the strings you are buying are not good,

- you are a heavy bower or your pizzicato is too heavy,

there are other alternatives too, but I don't remember.

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That's not the usual place for being played strongly. My first thought is that the groove in the nut is too narrow--see if you think it happens exactly at the nut. Also, run your finger over the string at the nut and see if the string feels rough there, and if you can see the winding being disrupted. Try lubricating the groove with pencil lead, for a start--you might want to have a shop widen the groove. And make sure the string takes a nice curve over the nut towards the peg--no sharp angles: that makes more stress on the string. Really look at the strings in that area and see if you see anything that looks stressful that could be eliminated.

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