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I'm not convinced that cases for violins need to be massively strong. I've tested some quite modest suspension cases down a flight of stairs with no damage to case or contents. This was not a controlled experiment, just the result of trying to carry about 10 cases at once.

The nicest relatively inexpensive cases we've seen lately come from Howard Core and from Angel. Different cases, but nicely done, nice fittings, good suspension. About $175, very reasonable. The Angel is about the same as a much more expensive Musafia. Close enough that I would have thought they came from the same maker.

There's also a Gator case that looks pretty tough. We're a Gator dealer, but haven't ordered any of the violin cases.

I'd like to find out about the TKL as well.

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This was not a controlled experiment, just the result of trying to carry about 10 cases at once.

I'm so glad you clarified this. I had this mental image of someone standing at the top of a flight of stairs, hurling violin cases with all their might, taking notes of the number of bounces and perhaps the speed achieved before impact.

A violin shop I was recently in also agrees that a violin case does not need to be built like a tank, it just needs to have something that cushions the impact when dropped from about waist high. He also feels a case does not need to have all sorts of compartments that might entice someone to try to stuff too much inside. Sounds like good advice.

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Hello Steve, I thought you were doing mandolins now! I tried the Gator case and loved it. It was perfect for I needed but my fiddle would not fit. Lower bouts are 214mm. If the Gator is available for a slightly larger fiddle I would have one! The model I tried was a GV666? I purchased a Bobelock 1002 from Chris Quinn works like a charm. However the other night at a little jam another fiddler fell it love with it and just had to have it. Paid on the spot. So I'm looking again. The TKL cases look like a Bobelock without the cordura cover and they have similar padding. So Steve you doing anything with mandolins or just fiddles? BTW I like the the new site. Lp

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