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Why new Instrument sounds better after play??


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Good posting...... Of course, science evolves. One problem concerns the public and how it defines "theories." You started out in physics and got degrees in math a physics. You must have seen a lot of this.

Philosophy was good in Archimedes time. Later, increased knowledge caused different workers to specialize. Now that we have a middle class and all education is not the sole property of an idle aristocracy, we have markets. Thus we have engineers and technicians.

I hope it gets even better. (I hope power and money concentration do not force a shrinkage of a large and strong middle class.) But I worry because I have two lovely boys, 4 and 8 and I will be 60 in 6 weeks. I am getting nervous in my old age.

So for the record: "A theory is the best model or explanation we presently have for a given phenomenon. It takes the best accounting of the existing data and observations." That is not me, folks, that is how the scientists state it. They feel the need to say this because some people attack certain ideas by saying "O, that is just a theory. "

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"" Boy, ain't it the truth. People love to have me perform miracles adjusting their own violins to fit them. I wish they'd let me have a chance to do that when I'm trying to sell them one, instead of instantly rejecting violins for the most minor of adjustable reasons without alowing that that I might be able to change everything if they'd just tell me what the problem was. ""

YES !! It IS the truth. And if the lore would teach the buyer that violins break-in relatively quickly, and that the maker can adjust things on a new violin just as on an old one, how sweet it would be.

I said once before that if people like the looks of an antique reproduction, they will say to themselves, "I hope it sounds good." Then they will play it seriously for a bit. If it looks "new" (God forbid) they may reject it before the first note. At best they may only play it a few seconds.

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