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Doesn't get much uglier than this, folks...


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It certainly looks like a real Ozark folk peice to me. The back wood looks like black walnut, the top pine, and the "varnish" looks like it was simply a few coats of linseed oil rubbed on. I have a neighbor who has a very similar looking home made fiddle. The wood looks the same color and the finish is the same. The strings are old piano wire.

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Here's the photo of the "Cowboy Fiddle" I tried, but failed to include with my previous post on this thread. I think it is a contender for the title. It was found in a Texas second-hand shop. Probably made during the long evenings in the bunkhouse. Complete with steer's head "scroll" and haired bow. Kinda neat, but I bid too low! [image]mysite.verizon.net/maunesha/[/image]

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