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If you're referring to one of those black metal peg shapers with the big knob on top, get another one. I worked with one of those years ago and it does a lousy job and found it difficult to work with. The pitch of the block is set by inserting the reamer (assuming you already have one of those, if not, then you need to get a good one). The taper of your reamer needs to match the taper of your peg shaper to get a proper fit. Get one of the better Herdim shapers ($125-$300). Some people make their own. The more expensive model allows you to adjust the peg shape to fit the hole, without having the make the hole fit the peg first and removing precious wood from the pegbox.

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Yes. That one's on my list of things to buy. I just have to convince myself to spend the money. If it works as well as it looks like it does, I WANT IT! Boy, it's expensive, though! The photos are (probably intentionally) not too explicit, but I think I've figured out how it works, and the idea looks totally credible to me. This one.

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The Peg Shaper makes its job quite fast and more precisely than a good non-adjustable one. The adjustableness (sounds funny. Is that English? ) makes it a perfect tool for restorations as you don't have to injure good, old instruments needlessly with your reamer. Once you have adjusted the taper you can fix it with an elastic band.

We invented an adjustment-kit that makes adjusting the blade and the thickness of the shaving very, very easy. You can adapt its thickness precisely to your idea of a perfect shaving in no time. That and the fact that you might be praised by your customers for your smoothly running pegs makes working with the Peg Shaper very pleasant.

And now the economic part: There is no other source for this shaper in order to keep the price as low as possible. The violin-size costs EUR 195,- (currently USD 243,55), the cello size EUR 225,- (USD 281,03) and a set consisting of both sizes is EUR 400,- (USD 499,60).

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