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Pro Violin webring - sites rejected. Why?


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My websites, www.fiddleforum.com and www.madfiddler.co.uk are members of many violin/fiddle orientated rings on www.webring.org However, when I try to join the Pro Violin webring, I get the error....

I’m very sorry, but there was something wrong with your submission to the ProViolin WebRing.

I don't know what's going on though? Can anyone suggest any reason why these sites should be rejected, as all the relevant code is in place for these to work, as they do with other rings on the same site.

I have my own suspisions, but would like to know any other possibilities FYI, the madfiddler site was blocked from the ring ages ago, but since the then owner isn't around anymore, this shouldn't create a problem, and even if it did, the fiddle forum site should be ok in this world of equality.



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In my private message box:

"My sister-in-law is deceased. This is another instance of harassment and stalking, and I am reporting it to the authorities.

The following message from Steve Perry is another instance of stalking and harassment involving my deceased sister-in-law. Please, remove it?

Re: Pro Violin webring - sites rejected. Why? [Re: corien]

#230288 - 02/28/04 09:50 PM Edit Reply Quote

Connie doesn't seem to like anyone who (1) has an opinion that doesn't involve Connie worship or (2) can even in the faintest sense be considered a competitor to her defunct business. "

The general concensus among the computer violin people and those good at researching seems to be that Sunday has no obit anywhere or any death record and that someone at her computer who writes just like her is posting under many names. I'll gladly back off and apologize if proof can be provided. Otherwise, go ahead, sue me. I've got wonderful files of threatening and abusive emails, as do gobs of other folks, I'm sure.

RobertConnieSusan - you want to find the bully stalker, look in a mirror.

Good day

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Don't know if the usual suspect has anything to do with Proboard's problems right now. DO know that my browser keeps quitting, and that I'm still squeamish from my four-week stretch of computerlessness.

The thought did enter my mind that someone on these boards might have wondered during those four weeks if I had kicked the bucket. If anyone did, no sign appears. Perhaps this is a compliment to my perfect behavior? ("Was he happy, was he blest? The question is absurd; had anything been wrong, we certainly would have heard.")

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Of course it is a compliment to your behavior!....We generally seem to remark upon the absence of certain folk in the same sense that we would of the absence of a boil, a plague of locusts, or a bloodless creditor.

Around here people seem to come, and go, and return (sometimes with new names and genders) and leave again. Phantoms linger, & resurrection happens, over and over. Just witness the participants and content of this thread. M'net is truly a remarkable place.

But I do hope you're back for a good long stay, Marie.


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