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Music City Strings and my abandonment issues


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I ordered some strings from them two weeks ago. They sent a confirmation number but then I never heard from them again. Two days ago I sent them an email asking about the order. No response. Today their web site says "This web site has been disabled.. To have the account restored, contact Customer Service." It is my first time dealing with them. Did I make them mad? Sorry!

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"Truly horrible service."


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Concord is very good & fast w/ an informative, easy webpage.

Quinn is also.

Shar is reliable (but lots of backorders).

SW Strings, which I used to use a lot, has messed up a couple of orders (one double-shipped, double-billed; & at least two failures to receive and acknowledge online orders)...Their online service has been a constant frustration to me--lack of confirmation, problems with password, etc. I've stopped using them.

Discount String Center used to have deceptively low prices but very costly shopping. Perhaps this has changed.

For sheet music, I have been extremely happy with Sheet Music Plus.

It's good to hear about these others.


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I like Sheet Music Plus too, haven't had any problems with them. I have also ordered quite a bit of music from Hutchins and Rea (www.hutchinsandrea.com); the prices are not discounted as far as I know but whenever I've had a question I've gotten prompt and thorough advice via email from the owner (my sister reported the same with questions on the phone) and my orders have shipped without any problems. They carry a wide variety of publishers so it's a good place to go if you need a particular edition of something.

When I am ordering other stuff, I look at both Shar and Southwest Strings. Southwest often comes out a bit cheaper so sometimes I've gone with them. I also like the fact that for a lot of their sheet music they have a little sample so you can see what it looks like on the page (wish everyone did that). But I find Shar has been very reliable and their customer service has always been pleasant for me to deal with. My orders arrive pretty quickly, too. I haven't ordered from Southwest nearly as much but so far, no problems, and I always order online.

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Woodwind & Brasswind's String Center has a great catalog, big selection of strings items and accessories, and most often has the lowest price. Also, their items are in stock and they offer fast shipping. I still always shop the different vendors, but String Center is where I have wound up buying most often.

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Since this has digressed into where we DO order strings, you might be very surprised at the prices at the on-line version of Morel Gradoux-Matt. I haven't found any prices lower (while other on-line and mail order prices have been climbing steadly for the last 10 months), shipping is very reasonable (and fast), and they have been a pleasure to deal with. They can be found at http://yahoo.com/gostrings/index.html

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Gizzard, I'm sorry to see you are having trouble with MCS like I did last summer. It seems that she's up to her old tricks again. I was the one who posted the warning about MCS both on the fidldleforum and here. It took me most of last summer and some digging to get my strings but I finaly got them. If you are still having problems with her e-mail me and I will give you an alternate contact number that she usually does answer.FiddlinJim

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Thank you, FiddlinJim and others for your moral support. It has been three weeks since the order-- a relatively short time, apparently, for MCS. Today I sent them another email asking about the status, but of course I'm not expecting a response. Their phone is disconnected (maybe it was never connected) so I'm sure they're too busy to pay the phone bill-- too busy because they're scrambling on my behalf to find the Dominants. Probably looking in the warehouse right now, driving the forklift. Or maybe they didn't pay the electric bill and they're waiting for the lights to come back on. Maybe they're even trapped in the warehouse, in the dark, under the forklift. Should I call an ambulance? I'm starting to worry. OK. If I have to wait another couple of months for the strings, I'll live. But will they? At this point, it's not really about the strings. It's about "closure."

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Maybe they're even trapped in the warehouse, in the dark, under the forklift. Should I call an ambulance?

Nah, a forklift that is only carrying your string order can't be that heavy. I would, however, place another order for strings with a reputable source and write off the aforementioned order as a bad debt.

FiddlinJim, I owe you a lunch and when the good weather finally hits us, let's go play fiddles in the park at lunchtime. OK?

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