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Scratchy sound in part comes from the type of rosin, the relative humidity and of course the hair. In a controlled environment, the hair can and does have the most significant impact on the sound, much more so than the type of rosin used.

We recommend a good strong Mongolian hair like our Platinum (or Super Selected) hair, used by the top bow rehairers and violin shops in the US, Canada, Columbia, Japan and now the UK. We are very pleased to say that Arcus carbon fiber bows now are haired with our best bow hair!

For a list of the shops now using our bow hair, please email me directly.

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I am one of the people whose eyes are bothered by using GoldFlex on violin or viola (seems OK on cello). However, it did grab the strings well.

I recommend Tartini Symphony grade over all other rosins I've tried includint Liebenzeller Gold (1 through 4), Pyrite (3 & 4), Silver, Copper, and Mietioreisen. The metallized Liebenzeller rosins did not bother my eyes.

One problem with bows and dry air is that the hair shrinks and tightens, I sometimes find I have to loosen the bow hair to eliminate the sound effects of dry air and keep the strings especially clean of excess rosin.


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