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What are YOU listening to now?


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Oh wow I love the Janacek and I love Isabelle Faust, but Ive never heard her play it. She is very under rated I think.

Im listening to Heifetz play the Conus, thanks to our friend Yigun. Im totally blown away with both the music and the performance, I didnt know Heifetz could play with such beauty , nothing cold in this recording at all and for once I actually like his vibrato on this.

Also listening to Oistrakh play the Taneyev, also very nice and refreshingly different.

...Im slowly moving into music Ive never heard before

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I'm listening to a CD with Kim Kashkashian playing viola, Robert Levin playing piano, and Eduard Brunner playing clarinet. They're playing Neun Stucke fur Viola solo and Jelek op. 5 and Hommage a R. Schumann op. 15d by Kurtag and Marchenbilder op. 113, Fantasiestucke op. 73, and Marchenerzahlungen op. 132 by Robert Schumann.

It's an ECM recording from 1995.

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Recently got, and have been listening to every chance I get, the big LSO Live Berlioz "Edition du Centenaire" box with live Colin Davis / LSO performances of S.f., Harold in Italy, Les Troyens, Damnation de Faust, Beatrice et Benedict and Romeo et Juliette. All marvelous performances; of special interest to this group, the Harold is stunning, with a really expressive and personal (and superbly executed) account of the solo part by Tabea Zimmerman. The playing of the LSO is also breathtaking throughout the set. Highest recommendation!

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You probably need to hear somebody like the Vegh, Takacs or Juilliard (unfortunately the best Juilliard recordings, from 1963, aren't available on CD in the US). I have heard the Emerson play the whole cycle live, and I found the performances technically superb but musically uninvolving- which is also how I feel about their Beethoven and Shostakovitch.

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I'm in the midst of quite an Anglophile spell at the moment. Thanks to Chandos' SACD efforts, (a fantastic record label) I've become much more aquainted with the works of Ralph Vaughan Williams. By itself, the LSO recording of his Norfolk Rhapsody No.2 is worth the price of a DVD/SACD player.

But, most of what I've been listening to lately are the Orchestral Works of Sir Arnold Bax (also from Chandos. Mostly by Bryden Thompson and the Ulster Orchestra). I'd never heard of him until 3 months ago. While his music is not perfect, I find it speaks to me more than that of many "great" composers. I feel like I've found a secret, hidden world. Tintagel, Into the Twilight, Christmas Eve, Spring Fire, The Tale the Pine Trees Knew...wonderful stuff. Reminds me of how I felt reading The Chronicles of Narnia as a kid.


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I just (as in today) got the Nathan Milstein 1946 Library of Congress Recital CD. I love it. It's playin right now and I just finished making myself some hot chocolate so I'm about to curl up and read for English. Hopefully Vitali, Bach, Mendelssohn and Milstein will help it all sink in. Gotta go. English is calling.

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well, I don't fit in at all... in my CD player:

Opeth: Still Life (Swedish progressive death metal, best band ever)

Dimmu Borgir: Stormblast (Norwegian symphonic black metal)

Venom: In League with Satan (old school British black metal)

Nightwish: Century Child (Finnish power metal with the most beautiful vocals I've ever heard... classically trained vocalist, she went to the Sibelius academy... one of my favorite bands)

Iced Earth: Burnt Offerings (American power metal... one of the few American bands worth listening to... most of what comes out of America these days is absolute crap).

So, I'm the metalhead and damn proud of it .


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