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Extreme scale practice..and the real capacity of p


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I'd like to discuss about 2 subjects which are too curious

to me..It's a little long, but I'd pleased if you give any

good comments here..

1)The usefulness of exteremely hard scale practice

2)The limit of common violinist who excercise very very

hard...is it possible for common musician

to play violin perfectly if accompanied by much endeavor

and right guidance?

I will begin with the 1st subject..





(note the last number of the file name, there are 35 files,

you can just change those address and get them in order)

This is a scale practice of a violinist I know..

I think most of us and even quite competent professional

violinists are just working on Carl Flesch and Sevcik and it

's also true that even mastering those scale system

perfectly hard...(All of you agree?)

How do you think about this crazy scale practice?

Are there any good violinists here whom many people admit

to be such? (For example, international competition

prizer, memeber of great orchestra, or professor) The

reason I ask like this is to know the thought of the

authority. (Never be misunderstood. I am not ingnoring

common members here, and every comment of any member is


Do many professional violinists who have reached certain

degree of violin technic practice like this bizzare, gymnas

tic finger excercise? How about the maestros like perman,

vengerov, shaham..etc? Do they practice like this? Are they

as much helpful, effective, and valuable as they are such


Here goes about the 2nd subject.


There you can download some hard pieces record sample.

The player is the same as composed those hard scale practic

e. Dr. Eun Whan Bai.. I was just wondering what is the key factor of making

a just normally talented violinist, who eagerly practice to master violin, really great virtuoso or

just nothing but an common violinist. Dr. Bae, who played those music, is said to have practiced

violin for 12 hours a day at Julliards when young, and as you recognized if you had ever visited

his homepage and listened to any of his violin technic record files, his left hand technic is very

good. (http://www.violinstory.com/) Besides, he is still making very hard, weird, fingertwinsting

and fingerstrectching practice and trying to master such technics. However, I neither think his

playing is as good as he has been practiced, nor think he can play better than some talented

teenagers who can't play such hard technic, or haven't practiced as much as he did.

Of course, I know it well that left hand technic is not the whole thing. However, considering his

enormous time spent to get such degree of skill, I don't think he would have been lazy to

practice to get other things such as bowing, interpretations, phasing..etc.

This is a dillema. I admit that his technic itself is superb, but do not admit that his playing is

such good. I've seen quite many yougnsters that can play Ziguenerweisen far better than him

although they can't play such fingertwisting notes. I don't think there would be a breakthrough

progress in his violin playing.. although he strives to get a higher goal constantly..

Finally, I'd like to ask you what's the factor which really improves one's playing skill (not just

technic itself) as his constant effort. Is the limit of Dr. Eun Whan? There's no way to him? I

sometimes think if I practice in right way under good guidance, 5 hours a day, for 1000 years, I could be a perfect violinst! It's

our hope to believe that we can play better day by day. However, as we've seen this Eun

Whan's case, is there such limit that we can't overcome by our effort? Then, can't all of us play

perfectly? How do you think about this?




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Fascinating documents. Look a little like Galamian. Do musicians practice like this? Of course they do. Everyone has to find some way of disciplining themselves. I admire this fellow. Being Suzuki/Montessori oriented, I don't think *anyone* is common...I think people are capable of great things if they're willing to put in the work. By history, the most talented people often end up way behind the more "common" ones, who put in the hard work.

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Thanks, LEEWOOKEUN, for posting this link. I found Eun Hwan Bai's website interesting. The video clips of his little exercises (walking exercise etc.) were very interesting. As far as his playing ability goes, he clearly is VERY interested in teaching, and not all great teachers are great performers (and vice-versa). I think it is admirable that he is willing to post these little movies (even though the clips are not technically perfect) in order to help people who are interested in learning them. It gets the idea across, and shows that he has humility -- a quality that is often lacking in musicians.

I haven't looked at all of the printed exercises. Who were his teachers? The biography of him was not in English.

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