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Will this stiffening tube effect the sound?


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This light weight tube (12mm x 1mm) adds a huge amount of rigidity to the lighter weight body made from 0.9mm sheet instead of 1.6mm. It may not be necessary as the lighter plates are still strong enough to resist buckling, but is extra security in case of plate stretch/compression that would allow the finger board to drop once the strings are tensioned.

Any thoughts on how this may effect the sound?


Now waiting on ordered parts to arrive to finish the instrument, progress to date here:

4/4 aluminium violin

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My Dear Friend

You will never suffer from Stomach Ulsers. You have such a "Nice sence of Humor".

Vic 18.5 N

This is no leg pull, it's a serious question. I'm in the process of making a series of prototype aluminium bodied instruments, the sound from them, IMHO, is quite remarkably good.

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Alex- I have a very old violin (made of mere wood) that has an almost identical feature- a 3/8" wood dowel attached to, & running between the end blocks. I'm unsure if this is original or a later addition. Maybe someone can tell me if this method of stiffening is common, or at least known. I haven't heard the instrument played, but I understand it produces a very nice sound. The top has little or no arching in the bridge/f-hole area (it may even be con-cave), which may be the reason for, or the result of this feature/modification?? Anybody?

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How thick are the plates? What does the top alone weigh? What do you have for a bassbar? Aluminum is very stiff, you might not need anything. I don't think the bar will adversely affect the tone. You should call it the "Tone Wonder Bar" And maybe get triple butted tubing for the "Deluxe" model. Seriously, I must say I think you done a pretty amazing job so far. Out of curiousity, have you decided on a finish yet?

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The plates, bass bar, ribs and joining clips are all 0.9mm thick.

The approx. (weighed on kitchen scales) individual weights are:

Top plate with aluminium bass bar - 150 grams (5.6oz)

Back plate - 130 grams(4.9oz)

One piece rib, blocks, central tube & clips - 200 grams (7.5oz)

Neck - 95 grams (3.6oz)

The final finish will be polished aluminium.

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