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Used Eastman V305


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In other words you are asking if they may have a kind of sweet tone which makes people want to keep them for whenever they need a sweet change sometimes?

I don't have one, but one connosuer told me they are very good, and have a sweet treble tone.

Anyway, I understand such subjects as I am a champion in not wanting to get rid of things!

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I expect to buy new but became very curious when I could not find used ones. I was hoping people kept them because they liked them (even as spares if they advanced). I did want to find out if they were being discarded or donated to schools. That would make me want to save a little longer to reach a little higher.

Thank you,


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Are they not more expensive than the cheapest, and very good value for money?

In Israel they are quite expensive but maybe that's because they are imported etc.

Not much more expensive are K-500 and also very good value for money (needs luthier setup). I have one, and it is a powerful sound. But they differ from violin to violin, and it's best to try them before buying.

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