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Is my violin okay in my car today?


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Put it in an environment that you would be comfortable in. I always keep the violin in the car, better than a trunk I think, and use two arctic sleeping bags, one inside the other and put the violin case in that. If you would not be comfortable where your violin is right now, bring it into work and put it in a safe place out of the way in your office. I always lock my office when I have to leave the violin and I am on break also.

Take care of your baby.

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I am very glad you took it inside. When I was teaching at a junior high school a student who played in the small orchestra, used to carry his violin to school each day. He walked to school, he was not far enough away to get a ride on the school bus.

One day he came to me and said his violin was peeling. The varnish was cracking and peeling off the instrument. It ended up with no finish at all on it.

At first I had no idea what was happening and why, but through questioning I found out he was walking to school in the very cold weather with his violin.

It was a sad case, his family was very poor and this was a violin given to him to use. It was student line instrument, but they could not afford to get it fixed or to replace it.

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I'm glad you decided to bring your violin inside. When asked if planning to play when I have to bring an instrument inside a place of business, I usually reply that I don't play for free and would be happy to if they are willing to pay my fee ($150USD) up front for one hour of playing. I do get the occasional taker, but mostly they just laugh.

Are you familiar with those hand warmers hunters use in their gloves? I put a couple in the outer music pocket of my case when I have to carry it outside on a cold Michigan day. It warms the major portion of the case and keeps the violin comfy without getting it too hot by putting them inside.

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