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Here's a cut and paste from the "Piano Owner's Survival Guide." You can check out the whole site at: http://www.stevespianoservice.com/piano.htm

"When an ivory key top comes off, glue it back on at once. Use white GE silicone ONLY. If you use Elmer's carpenter's glue, it is water based and will cause the key top to curl up horribly. It is best to open the piano (See Chapter Five), and take the key out so that you can clamp it (As in Key tops- White and Black), noting the diagram there on gluing and clamping."

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It's amazing how well some of these older pianos hang in there. I used to work at a school that had a grand built in 1898. It had suffered through numerous indignities including a broken leg (it broke while I was playing it and nearly fell on me), being used as a saw-horse during a theater renovation, and being set on fire by a student who didn't make the show choir (how the piano had anything to do with it, I'll never know). At last report, it outlasted a new grand that the school bought three years ago who's soundboard cracked!

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