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Baroque neck question


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It's not real common; it's got definite cool factor. Baroque players like them because they're original, but finding a baroque player with any money is an uphill battle. :-) If at all possible, I'd leave it that way, set it up baroque, and try to find a customer for it. It would be best if the neck was still thick, as original, though, which it might not still be.

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Thanks for the clarification- I'm afraid I'm not real well-versed. I didn't even know there were still "Baroque players." I guess I was asking the question as regards collectors, rather than players. How do I tell if the neck is still original (thick)?

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No photos right now, but will try in near future. Thanks again for helping out those of us who are not so familiar with violins, making, etc. I'm recently retired & finally have some time to pursue an old interest- trying to learn as much as possible- maybe even try my hand at making. At my age they won't be Strads, but I think would be very satisfying.

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