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I have a question about stamped marks on old bows (19th & early 20th century). Most (not all) of the stamped bows that I come across are stamped only in the finish (varnish or shelac) and not into the wood itself. Are these 'nearly' all copies? Or, is this common on many of the older original bows?

Appreciate observations in this area and the wealth of helpful information here on this forum.

And Merry Christmas to all.

Regis (freezing in north Florida)

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I can't say that I've ever seen a bow that I think was only stamped in the finish, but I will say that to make a deep stamp in pernambuco takes quite a bit of pressure--more than you can get by just pressing the stamp in by hand. So a stamp that's too shallow isn't difficult to make, unless you make a special effort.

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