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Mendelsohn violin concerto accompanied with piano?


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Before 1925 (the end of the accoustic recording days), it was not uncommon for violinists to record a concerto movement with pianist, using the piano reduction parts.

As for the Mendelssohn, there are several recordings of 2nd and 3rd movements accompanied by piano, such as Ysaye (3rd movement), Marie Hall (3rd), Arnold Rose (2nd), Maud Powell (3rd), Bronislaw Huberman (2nd & 3rd), Toscha Seidel (3rd), etc.

There is one recording I am aware of that plays the whole concerto with piano. The recording is played by Josef Wolfsthal (1899-1931). Wolfsthal studied with Carl Flesch and was considered by Flesch to be one of the most gifted pupil he has ever taught. He left very few recordings because of his early death (from complication of influenza), but his three concerti recordings (Beethoven, Mozart No.5 and Mendelssohn) ranks with the very best players of the past.


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