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Tonight I went to the 373rd subscription concert of Osaka philharmonic orchestra.

Ida Haendel played Bruch g-mol concerto.

I know her name by old SP disc for about 40 years ago.

She was 80 years old !!

She played violin as if she told us many tales, spread a new world in front of me.

It's the first and may be the last chance to see her to me.

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Hi, Verde

I play in a small community orchestra (very amateur). Our oldest player is 92 years old!! She is a fabulous player, better than most of us there!! We get together once a week, but she is also involved in other groups and performs almost every day.

I only hope that I can play as well as her when I reach 92!!! (thats about another 36 years).


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(I only hope that I can play as well as her when I reach 92!!!)

I, too, have same hope with you, but I think to live long is not so easy and more difficult to play instrument vividly.

Well, I'll stop smoking, start joging, not neglect daily bowing exercise....Uhhhhh.

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Yes, Verde, definitely stop smoking! It restricts the amount of oxygen that your blood can carry to your hands. Over a long time, your hands can become less dextrous.

Jogging does the opposite - it increases your blood flow and the amount of oxygen your muscles receive.

I hope we all can keep playing for a long, long time!

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I heard her in recital a couple of weeks ago. It seemed to take her a while to really get warmed up, but after that there were more than a few flashes of her old form, though of course overall she can't come close to matching the technical command she had in her prime. What I really loved was that she played with the reckless abandon of youth, with not a trace of the cautiousness one might expect at her age. A magnificent spirit!

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