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Will be getting a new chin rest soon.


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In a couple of days I will be going to my repairman to look at chin rests. My current one is not comfortable and as a result I tend not to let my chin sit in it securely. I tend to pull away from it in order to avoid discomfort. I don't have much "natural padding" under my chin, just my hard jaw hitting against a hard rest. What about those rests that have a cushion as part of the rest? Are they hard to keep clean? (I don't mean those cushions that you attach to the rest yourself.) Do they have some sort of gel in them? Is it like the gel in the wrist cushion that I have next to my computer mouse?

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Years ago, I found somewhere in the net a picture of a type of chin rest that can be adjusted not only in height but also in angle, accommodating all sorts of chin and neck length. It is quite unfortunate though that it does not say where to buy it. Someone here offered to give his rest free to me, but later told me that one is on sale at Ebay, (I believe its his), but found none.

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I think this is what you want


I ordered one but after trying I found it rather unsecure especially with my favor Bonmusica shoulder rest. To choose between secure violin holding and a comfort chinrest. I choose the first one.

However, that's only my experience/feeling. You may find it perfect. The product is good in design and quality. Very comfort/gentle to the jaw.

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You may be referring to the "GelRest," which is now generally available. It is quite comfortable, and worth trying before you buy.

I put a number on students' violins after they complained about discomfort. However, I think that for some players, once they become proficient, the softness of the GelRest may make it more difficult to manuever around the instrument and maintain a desired vibrato.

A wooden chinrest need not be uncomfortable - the secret is finding one that fits your jaw perfectly.

In lieu of that, one can sometimes pad an almost-perfectly-fitting chinrest with a layer or two of chamois cloth (that stuff from the car-parts stores)

Also, the chin rest and (if you use one) shoulder rest work together, so getting a perfect fit may involve optimizing both of these accessories together.

Good luck.


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