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I don't think you can ever go wrong with top tools made for the job at hand. In this case, you can get by with something a lot less expensive but, may not last as long.

For silver and goldsmith work, I bought a 1st class pickle pot($150). 'Then' I found out that 'most' everyone else uses one of those glass crock pots($15). Mine takes less bench space&*^%

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Mark, whether you wasted the $85 or not is up to you, but the water heaters like Regis linked to do the job very well. Mine is a GE brand but probably not coincedentally looks exactly like Regis'. I know of at least one guy who uses a steel pipe heated with a torch to bend ribs who would probably tell you that a $120 electric rib bending iron was a waste of money, but it's money well spent IMHO. Perhaps your expensive glue pot will turn out to be a little more convenient somehow.

Nah. You're screwed.

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Let me make this small conclusion on violin making expense.

get the best(most expensive in most case) anything will contact your wood, and get the replacemnt to save some bucks to pay the best anything not contace the woods, heated pot is one example. so you could work on your violin ONLY under daylight to save some pennies. Amen.

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Another cheap alternative is a hot plate with a thermostat (Walmart $8.95)and a small pot with water. You may have any old hot plate around the house somewhere. I used my wifes candy thermometer to find the place on the thermostat that equaled 145deg. and marked it. It works great. Not any better than any other way to heat the water to 145deg. just another way to accomplish the same thing. My only complaint with this set-up is that the water in the pot evaporates quickly.

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