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What Violins do you all play?


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I once had a Staylor on the way.

I never knew how it sounded, unfortunately.

The remaining, unused wood was sold to Josef Boazson who said it was very good quality wood.

It's a shame I didn't follow it through to the end.

Who knows, that staylor might have been worth millions if it had seen the light of day!

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I'm new to the board and browsing around, I decided I would add to this the newer of the "what do you play" threads as my first post.

I have two violins, one is by Georg Krauch made in Vienna in 1826, the other by Carl Joseph Hellmer made in Prague in 17?? (the label has faded), I recall that 20 yrs ago it used to be just ledgible as 1795(?).

Both are Stainer Model Bohemian violins.

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