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My Photo of -- Rubinstein at Carnegie


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Hi everyone!

I’m a retired senior and have had the love of music all my life. I play the piano I would say on an above average amateur level, but a far cry from a pro. As far as the violin is concerned, I love it equally, but unfortunately it just doesn’t seem to want to love me back.

My first recordings when only 78’s were around, were by the “God of violin playing”.

One of my many other hobbies back then was photography, and I used to combine it with music. Sooo --- as an end product came some interesting photos at concerts. They’ve been hanging around for nearly a lifetime with less than no interest to my dear relatives, friends or even family. No one ever had the slightest interest in seeing them. Then I posted a few photos on another forum and they seem to have been received with much interest. Some of you out there may have seen a few of them. They were all shots of pianists, but I also have some violinists as well.

So, if I may, every so often I would like to share some of both with you guys. So here goes.

This is a shot of Artur Rubinstein (he was Artur back then) at a Carnegie Hall recital I took way back on February 15, 1957.


For you camera bugs out there, I used a Contax IIa with a 135mm Zeiss lens, from the top balcony of Carnegie Hall, existing light, F4 (full) opening, and hand held at 1/10th of a second. The film I used back then was Kodak Super XX. Of course I do my own developing and enlarging.

His program was an all Chopin one. Especially remember the outstanding performance of the b flat minor Sonata.

Thank you all and I hope this shot was of some interest. Let me know what you think.



This photo is protected by the copyright law.


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