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Maker's inscription and authenticity


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How easy (or often) are maker's inscriptions to fake? I have a (older) violin where the maker signed his name in pencil inside the instrument (not on the label), along with the date, his "serial number," and location. I have examples of this maker's handwriting & signature from authenticated sources, and the inscriptions inside the violin seem to be in his hand.

Does this at all reduce the likelihood that this instrument would be a "fake," or can the inscription be faked just like anything else, like the label?

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Not quite the answer to your question, but don't get too carried away by makers names being branded inside instruments or on bows. There's a whole crop of bows on ebaY right now which are, in my opinion, from China with some pretty fancy names attached (Prager, for one). Some with horn frogs. CAVEAT EMPTOR!!!!



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Perhaps we have underestimated Prager's consistent bow making abilities.


I've seen pernambuco which looks like that. That does not mean however that I believe that this bow is positively pernambuco. If I were purchasing the bow from a reputable source, be it wholesale or retail, I would feel more confident that the wood was correct. An ebaY seller such as this leaves me with more doubt than confidence.


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You say you already have the violin, so you have little to lose & much to possibly gain. don't listen, then, to all the doom & gloom you're getting- I'd try to find an "expert" on your particular maker, & see if you can get the instrument authenticated. There. At least some positive, possibly useful advice rather than doom & gloom horror stories. Ron

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