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PLUS there's that business about its fretlessnes and its loudness in comparison to the genteel viols. It's the sort of instrument that needs to be practiced in order to avoid hellacious sounds.

Decent players must have been scarce in the early days of the violin; a popular form of playing then consisted solely of animal imitations. As the potential for brilliance became widely known, unwealthy people who had the violin knack could have been motivated to practice in order to get paid for playing. These turned out to be professional musicians, who of course stood very low in the social order.

What could make a person want to work hard for such lowliness? If not the devil, maybe it was a musical family. Who would want to marry a musician? Only another musician. Imagine!

Wealthy people have been known to take on the challenging violin. Thomas Jefferson did, at a time when it had ceased to be the daring thing it must have been earlier. Of course his daughters played pianos and guitars, as was appropriate for ladies. It just wasn't fashionable for certain people to go around getting all intense.

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It was a dark and stormy night. The old man and woman ate their dinner silently in dim light, as the shudders rattled.

Finished, the old man stood up, picked up his fiddle case, and headed toward the door.

"where you a goin'?" said she

"Playin' for a dance " said he

"but the wood bin is plumb empty!"

"well, I ain't takin the ax!"

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