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What is in your CD player?


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My favourite place to listen is in my car so there's six CD's at

present. Two are classical.

1/ Malcolm Stewart playing Alexander Mackenzie's Violin Concerto

& Pibroch Suite

2/ The Lindsays Haydn Quartets opus50 Nos 1-3

The other four are James brown live at the Apollo, Credence

Clearwater Revival 'On the Bayou',

I tunes downloads of Howling Wolf & @never mind the B#####ks by

the S#x Pistols.

One of my great joys in life is having a fast anonymous car with a

great sound system. My wife and I have very similar taste in music

but  my wife quite rightly hates me driving fast.....She can

tolerate small increments in speed caused by the playing of

throbbing Speed Metal or crazy Techno...but Vivaldi's Fours

Seasons  & especially  my collection of various

versions of Bach's Cello Suites are banned because they above all

else because they do seem to stimulate me to drive very fast


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What is in my CD deck... Lets have a look.

1) Holst: The Planets Suite

2) Shostakovich; The Emmerson String Quartet

3) Soundtrack to "2001, A SpaceOdyssey

4) English String Miniatures

5) Pink Floyd "The Wall" and "Dark Side of the Moon"

6) "A Symphony of Sorrowful Songs"

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Currently, Christian Ferras playing the Bach Sonatas and Partitas, and Wiener Musikverein Quartett playing the Beethoven quartets. The Ferras recording is superb. He plays with such a gorgeous sound and fine sense of style (in the old school manner). I almost like his recording as well as Enescu, Menuhin, Grumiaux and Heifetz.

The Vienese ensemble plays with purity of sound and sense of very well-integrated ensemble. Tempi are well-chosen overall (with occasional surprises, most notably the very fast 4th movement of op.59, no.3). There are plenty of elegance as well as power. I always had a soft spot for Vienna-based quartets (such as the Vienna Konzerthaus Quartet, the Barylli, the Boskovsky and the Weller)and this one is not an exception.

But, tomorrow the CD player will have something else in it. I don't usually listen to the same CDs over and over.


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No particular disk is catching my fancy right now so I'm letting my iPod shuffle through its approx. 3000 tracks... Just finished running through my Cape Breton playlist which is now up to around 400 tracks and took a couple weeks of commuting to get through! -Steve

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Vadim Repin - Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto/Sibelius Violin Concerto

Viviane & Nicole Hagner - BEETHOVEN Sonata for violin and piano in C minor Op.30 No.2

SAINT-SAËNS Havanaise Op.83; Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso Op.28

SCHUBERT Fantasie in C D934

Rudulf Koelman - Conus Violin Concerto

- Fritz Kreisler Master Pieces

The 18th Century Concerto by Joseph Boulogne, Checalier de Saint-George - Various violin concertos

(St.-George suppose to be the great 'Black" composer from France) Naxos CD

Gil Shaham - Romanze Para Violin

- Devil's Dance

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