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Please help me identify this violin player


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I'm trying to get contact info on the guy who played

the violin at the Plymouth, MI "Art in the Park" show in July. He also had a guy playing the guitar with

him. I could have swore the name was "Watson Music."

He was from California. He was on Main Street on the

east side, probably within the first 15 booths from

the start of the fest...maybe half way between the

start of the fest on Main Street and Ann Arbor Trail.

He was dressed in all white and was very active while

playing the violin. He didn't wear socks or shoes, he

danced around on a carpet while playing. He was quite

a showman. His hair was wild and flowing. I recall the banner saying "Tapes, CDs, Videos." He also played at the Ann Arbor Art Fair the following week (without the same guitar player). He spoke with a British (?) accent. I'm almost positive that he said his name was Russell Watson but (and I hope I don't get in trouble on this ) he looked to be in his mid 50's. There is a Russell Watson that I found through a net search, but he was much younger and I believe he is a singer.

For those who didn't attend the art shows I mentioned, perhaps the description will sound familiar. I checked the website for the Plymouth show and found nothing. An email to the show organizers received no response.

This guy was fantastic and I've got to get some of his music. Seeing him perform live was great. He is full of energy and fun to watch. I love the song where he plucks the strings like a guitar. I hope someone here can identify him so I can get some of his CDs. Thank you all for your help!


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It was "Watson and Company" you heard. They're good. I can understand your enthusiasm.

Watson & Company, an intriguing act comprised of Violin and Guitar, was conceived in 1990 by violinist Malcom Watson.

The duo appears together on stage, sharply dressed in tux and tails, Watson all in white and guitarist Colin McAllister in black.

This striking contrast in appearance foreshadows the energy and magnetism of their symbiotic arrangements. Their performances and recordings bring to life the passion of their own jazzy, new-age compositions, as well as powerful interpretations of timeless classical works from composers ranging from Bach to Pachebel and Paganini, among others.

They have CD's out. Here's their website:


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I went to hear Malcolm Watson and Colin McAllister today in Rochester, MI. They were outstanding. I enjoyed over 2 hours of their music. Malcolm is so fun to watch and Colin is an extremely talented guitar player. What a combination! I ended up buying 4 CDs. I'm listening to one now. I plan to go hear them again tommorow.

Check their website to see when they'll be in your area. I highly recommend them!


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