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Violin shops in Montana, Idaho, Washington


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Hey, I live in Washington!

Anyway, I always go to Rafael Carrabba in Seattle for all of my violin repairs, and he may have some nice violins in right now. Oregon's got some nice shops, so I would advise looking there as well. David Kerr is absolutely fabulous, and he's got some nice violins too. It's a friendly shop, with good deals.

So good luck on your trip! I hope you enjoy the pacific northwest while you're here!


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David Van Zandt is a professional violin maker in Seattle. He has a pretty nice web site: www.vanzandtviolins.com

Mark Hollinger is a professional maker in Missoula, Montana.

Those guys are makers, not dealers. So what they can show you are their own instruments. Since they're not dealers, you may need to set up an appointment to see them, but I'm not sure of that.

A dealer in Boise, Idaho, with quite a few instruments is Telford and Sons.

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I recently stopped by Van Zandt's shop, which adjoins Armin Barnett's shop. He's extremely friendly and informative, but has very little in the way of inventory. I believe that he's doing most of his work on commission now. (One violinist in our orchestra just picked up her brand new Van Zandt, and it is a lovely thing with very strong tone). Barnett wasn't in & didn't have much more in his shop. --Their hours are, ummm, flexible!

Carrabba's the top shop in Seattle, but pricey. You might have more fun at Bischofberger's or Hammond Ashley (down by the airport).

I'll add my voice to those who recommend David Kerr's shop. He is the nicest man, & his inventory is broad. For the past couple of years, he has hosted the Cremona Exhibit.

If you are willing to wait, I've heard that the "Players Meet Makers" (Federation of Violin Makers, AMFVBM??) will be held in Portland two years from now. Does anyone have any more reliable info on this? It's a blast to go there and test drive a variety of instruments from some of today's top makers. We attended a few years ago & ran into a number of familiar faces. (Too bad if you missed it when it was in Victoria, two years ago, I think).

Have a safe trip.


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