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edge overhang and corner width.

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It seems to me that the edge over hang is intimatly related to the corners width. With a 1 mm "point" this adds up to 6.5mm, and the rest is added by skewing the edge overhang at the corner.

how do some get by with a 2mm overhang and still have a classic corner?

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Gee, I still don't understand it (your text entries look quite arcane! :-), but what you've drawn looks like what happens--that is, the corners diverge from the outline of the ribs as necessary to create the corner size you need. Most of it seems to happen on the inside (the bottom of your drawing) because of the little hookiness of the corner in that direction. The other increase is more nominal. Del Gesu corners are smaller because they follow the ribs right out to the end, and then the end of the corner overhangs quite a bit in many cases (up to 5mm of unsupported corner, sometimes!!!). Strad corners are, as always, tastefully neutral. Really wide corners happen both from divergence from the rib, and from chopping the end of the corner close to the point of the rib, where the corner is still wide. German instruments with really wide corners often are cut so the end of the rib is virtually flush with the end of the corner (something, then, to avoid like the plague!)--the opposite extreme from del Gesu (with Strad, as always, at a conservative middling distance, just a tad less than the overhang elsewhere--say, 2mm or so).

Does that address the question?

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