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hello again from Michael T Sowden

michael sowden

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It has been sometime since i was on maestronet this has been for a number of reasons.

busy with orders as usual and it takes me most of the day to type up the answers to your questions. As im not 100% good on the computer and then i read what i have put and say. "No i have missed something out"

then i delete everything and start again(time to go on a computer cores i think)

Yes i do go into great details and must explain all about the hair as this is most important to me and i do go and on a little.

The other thing is the new products on the web site www.sowden.co.uk we have introduced some more hair that is of different quality than our Blue string brand hair.

This has taken quite some time to source and now we supply hair from 1* 2* 3* 4* and our usual best quality bow hair(see web site for more info).

If you need to ask questions please feel free to ask them i will answer them might not be on the same day.

Thank you

Michael T Sowden

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Hi Michael nice to "see" you online. How's things? Had any spicy Korean food lately? Kyungmi's still looking for those photos...

I see you're selling quite a selection of lower grade hair now. So here's my question: when we were together at the VSA in November, you assured me quite emphatically that you will never lower your standards and carry a lesser quality bow hair. What happened to make you change your mind?

Anyway, it's nice to see you back online and I'll look forward to reading what you have to say!


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Hi Adam,

Thanks for your email about the introduction of our new grades of bow hair. We have been asked about supplying SEMI picked bow hair for some years from Europe and the R.O.W. so we came to the conclusion that to ignore that potential market much longer would be stupid. So, we made the decision that it was time to offer the different types of hair that everybody else was selling,its not everybody who can afford the Sowden range of best quality bow hair and it certainly would not be economical to use best quality in say school bows,and after all we are the only company that has 44 years experience in horse hair to monitor all the different grades correctly,other suppliers claim they can but they are false claims.

As there are many companies out there also selling similar cheaper qualities so we thought wy not give them a run for their money, it would not make buisiness sense not cover all areas of the market.

I sent the photos to Kyungmi a long time ago,i hope they have not been lost in the post.

My best regards to you and Kyungmi.


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Hi Michael,

Regarding hair, it certainly makes sense to offer different levels of hair quality - we certainly do that as you know.

Michael, for 10 months I have been telling my customers that Michael T. Sowden is synonymous with quality, integrity and an approach to bow hair that is the last of its kind.

As most Maestronetters know by now, we are distributors of Michael T. Sowden bow hair here in the US and Canada. We are huge fans of yours, Michael, as are our customers. We have several dozen regular customers that stand by the hair no matter what, as do we. Your kind answer would be most helpful to me as it will be to our MaestroNet customers.

Best regards to Michael Jr and Mr. Pickles,


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I think Mr. Sowden's web page makes quite clear what differentiates this hair from his own handpicked hair, what he thinks of it (rated 6/10, etc.) and what it should be used for. Are you asking him to restate his philosophy in some other form of words? Pardon me, but he doesn't seem the sort of man that squanders his time in semantic tangles.

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I thought its pretty plain as well ,for example if he was involved with the same level of sorting as he does with his better quality hair then surely it would no longer be classed as low quality hair.

If i didn`t know wrong i would have thought you were trying to damage his reputation or gain a better one for yourself, and if i was Michael i wouldn`t answer your question either!

Hes selling it as it is, low quality hair suitable for student use!

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For those of you who know me, including Michael, you know I'm not attempting to damage his reputation. Simply asking this question on a public forum, to which he has posted in my opinion, does not do this.

I have not known Michael for long, but I do respect his opinion as well as his skill. I don't think he will take offense to my question, nor should you.

Perhaps you, sir, are not as familiar with Michael T. Sowden & Sons reputation as I am!!! His name is synonymous with quality, integrity and purity. Hands down, MTS is the last of his kind. There is NO ONE ELSE in the industry that does what he does. Everyone else buys their hair from China where it is sorted by comparatively untrained workers. I say comparatively, because no one has worked with Horse Hair as long as Michael has (44 years), and no one has the skill or the "eye" that he has.

If you want to slam my character and reputation, that's your prerogrative, but I am in no way attempting to do this to Michael. I respect him enormously (as I say repeatedly in my posting).

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Hello again Adam,

I am sorry if my answer seemed a little vague to you,I thought it quite explanitory,so to put it in simple terms both myself and my sons spend 8 hrs a day 5 days a week working like hell picking hair for the pro customers and charge a reflective price for our efforts, I am not complaining because we get a tremendus buzz knowing that nobody even comes close to our branded qualities of bow hair as 99% of all our custmers around the world will testify,which is quite nice. As you know very well,just to be able to buy a stick of hair from china,put it into a carton, send it to the cutomer and make about $100 profit at least for doing bugger all so i think we deserve some of the action, it stops the bordom stepping in. We could if needs be post at least 20 sticks in our 1 hour lunch break anyway,its so easy.

I will have another look for the negs I think i still might have them.

My best regards to you both.

Michael T.

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Adam, i`m not intending to cause offense , n.b. the part when i said `if i didn`t know better`,,i just can`t understand the reasoning behind your questioning !

I think his first reply was enough of an explaination.

I do know Sowdens reputation , i live not that far from him.

Anyway i see Michael has gave a reply and i say why not get his share of the cheaper end of the market ,his family probably deserve it more than anyones.

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