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Pieces for 3 violins?


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My teacher told me the Vivaldi would be too hard for our little group. How hard in comparison is that Telemann? He suggested that I looked upon the baroque flute repertoire to find some pieces; I imagine that the Boismortier piece mentionned here is part of that?

Thanks guys!

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There are lots of pieces tht are arranged for three violins even though they were not origiaally written that wasy. For example, my teacher's ensemble piece this year was Saint-Saens Swan. He had a version for three violins that sounds very good in an ensemble. It impresses parents and it isn't hard - paeticulary the third violin part.

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There's a Geminiani (w/piano).

As mentioned previously, Shar Music has a good sampling (under Sheet Music, for "Category" search for Three Violins and then for Three Violins and Piano, for concerto reductions). Shar also has a "Comments/ASTA Rating" at the bottom of each listing, which is helpful in determining the degree of difficulty.

Good luck,


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When looking to see if I had the Hindemith pieces mentioned, I ran across "Easy Pieces Volume I" for Three Violins, published by Kalmus -- K 04756 Published by Warner Bros. I realized that I had never looked at it (I'm looking for pieces for 3 violins also, for my students). I played through the pieces on tape, and then played the other parts. With only two of the three parts present (mono tape) they sound pretty good. I can't wait to have the kids work on them. I am now curious as to what is in any other volumes Kalmus may have published. They're definitely easier than the Vivaldi. They won't be a huge technical challenge, but you can do some nice things musically with them. They're pieces by Alfred Böckmann, Carl Rosier, JCF Bach/Franz Eckell, and Wilhelm Volckmar (all household names -- NOT).

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