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Violin Piece


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Opinions vary. The 1999 Royal Conservatory of Music Syllabus shows Bruch g minor at Level Ten. After that, there's an ARCT list, for exams which can only be undertaken after Level Ten is accomplished. The ARCT list includes Bruch D minor, Scottish Fantasy, and Stravinsky Suite Italienne mvts 1, 3, and 6. Mvts. 2, 4, and 5 don't seem to be on any of RCM's lists.

I wish some of our Canadian contributors would tell us of their experiences with this syllabus. It sure does look impressive. I have not been able to glean from my admittedly cursory reading what the letters ARCT represent, but see the potential for humor. ("Advanced Repertoire Curmudgeon Time" is my current favorite, but if I knew French I would undoubtedly do much better.)

Please pardon my crabbiness; I just did time in the back of a police car after running over a cement block that a truck had dropped onto the highway a few seconds before I came along. No injuries except to cars, but four of the other drivers (including the trucker, who was a very decent fellow) and I had quite a get-acquainted party. I'm happy to report that my Cavalier only needs a new tranny pan. I may end up paying out-of-pocket, since the dimpled darling was totalled two years ago by hail. I won't forget to call the block truck's insurance company. Three cheers for the police!!! (So- mi la so- mi- ; off-topic nee-ner- )

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