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how does one 'tutor' violin?


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I got roped into helping a neighbor practise - basically. I guess it's somewhat of a good thing that we have the same teacher. If anyone else has ever done this - any tips, do's, don'ts in 'tutoring' violin? How can I keep this forced practicing interesting? tia!

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Hi Bronach,

I also "tutor" several violin students who have other teachers. Basically I see my job as reinforcing what has already taught. I just make sure the student stays focused (especially if its a younger child). Several tips I can offer you:

-Try not to "fix" any major problems with technique, posture, etc. If you notice major problems, speak with your teacher about it.

-Show the student how to make their personal practice time more efficent.

-Make practice time more interesting by making up little "games" (for example, when I was teaching one of my students about phrasing, she loved walking around the room while she played, increasing and decreasing her speed to go along with the phrase). It may seem silly, but it helps them to remember more.

Ok, I hoped this helped a little, but have fun and make sure your student has fun too!


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